Frequently Asked Questions - Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Print E-mail

Q: What determines our eyelid and facial appearance?
A: Our genetic makeup is responsible for 90% of our looks. This includes eyelid contour, droopy folds, bulgy eyelids, and to a large extent skin texture. It includes vertical lines in the lips (not smoking), fatty necks, brow position, narrow or full cheeks, etc. The other 10% of elements that affect facial appearance is made up of smoking and sun exposure

Incidentally, the gain or loss of weight does not affect eyelid contour.

Q: Do you use the laser?
A: I use the laser to improve skin texture of the lower lid but not to make the skin incision of the upper lid.

Q: Do I need lab work or tests?
A: In general, you will not need lab work or tests. If a patient is 65 years of age or older, I may ask for an EKG or if there is a history of heart trouble, I ask for a clearance from their physician.

Q: Will I have to repeat this surgery in 10 years?
A: No. The surgery lasts indefinitely.

Q: Do I need someone to help me at home immediately after surgery?
A: No. While I ask patients to take it easy until they go to bed, they can fix food, take a shower, and do most things in moderation.  They can drive the next day,walk, and do thetreadmill but no heavy exercise for 2 weeks.

Q: Can I bend over?
A: Not for 3 days, but stooping is always ok.

Q: When can I apply makeup?
A: There are tiny stitches in the upper lids that are removed in one week. After one week makeup is ok.

Q: Does it hurt to remove stitches?
A: There are stitches in the upper lids but not in the lower lids. These stitches slide out without discomfort.