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LaserScan LSX Excimer LaserThe LaserScan LSX® Flying Spot Excimer Laser provides high-repetition preprogrammed software to precisely guide a 0.8mm flying spot beam of light that gently reshapes the curvature of the cornea, thus producing a smooth, polished corneal surface. The LaserScan LSX® offers precise, accurate, and most importantly, smooth tissue removal.

In broad, general terms, refractive surgery means the shape, or curvature of the cornea (clear front portion) of the eye will be altered to allow light rays to converge in a clear point of focus on the retina. This reshaping is commonly accomplished with the excimer laser.

LaserSight Technologies, Inc. is the originator of the gentle touch, precision "flying spot" scanning laser. The LaserScan LSX® Excimer Laser represents the latest generation in excimer technology.

LaserScan LSXSpeed and Precision

LaserScan LSX® utilizes an advanced, high-repetition, super-gaussian 0.8mm flying spot precision beam that creates a smooth, polished corneal stroma bed through the laser's preprogrammed overlapping software algorithm.



  • Provides smooth ablation surfaces
  • Eliminates irregularities found in wide-beam systems
  • Lessening regression by inducing less healing response
  • By inducing less healing response, regression is lessened
  • Low acoustic energy at the cornea (1mJ) creates greater patient friendly experience
  • Promotes communication between physician and patient during treatment

With the combination of larger symmetrical ablation patterns and larger optical and treatment zones, the effects of glare and halos are often minimized.


Other Features & Benefits
Feature: Benefits:
  • 200 Hz Repetition Rate (Fastest of all US approved lasers)
  • Fast ablations
  • Reduced dehydration due to stroma air exposure
  • Reduced patient fatigue and increased surgery compliance
  • High Resolution Scanning, 0.8mm Precision Beam
  • No central islands
  • Smooth ablation profile (low fluence, temporal spatial averaging)
  • Increased surgical precision
  • No masks or diaphragms
  • High Speed Energy Control
  • Maintains consistent laser output
  • Corrects slight variations in laser output during surgical procedures


Click here to view a description of LaserSight's approved indications for use in the United States.

For more information about the LaserScan LSX® Excimer Laser, please visit LaserSight Technologies, Inc.